Kabbalah Chants was an inspired co-creation featuring award-winning music producer, Philipp Schardt, and International Instructor for the Modern Mystery School, Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.. The journey to creating this vibrational meditation series began when Philipp took the Universal Kabbalah Ascension program for the first time with Theresa. Combining his love for music and bridging it with spiritual wisdom he suggested to Theresa, “Let’s join forces and do something that nobody has done before, by creating a kabbalistic meditation series for awakening the divine energies of the Tree of Life within. It will rock the spiritual music community and it would be such a gift to offer the world!” Theresa agreed that it was a project whose time has come and she’d had visions of it happening for many years. The voice recordings were all done in an activated kabbalistic temple and all music was similarly created with a calling in of the energies of each Sephirah. These vibrations are truly attuned, not only musically, but spiritually to the proper frequencies that will elicit the desired awakening within the listener. We hope you enjoy what resulted from this collaboration.


Each album in this 11-part series is specially tuned to musical frequencies, sound-scape, and divine names that capture the essence of each Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Each album focuses on a different part of the Tree of Life, starting from Malkuth the physical Kingdom and working up, step-by-step to the highest spiritual realms. 


About the Music


The music of these healing meditations is tuned to a 432 Hertz musical scale, which is a pure frequency fundamental to the sacred geometry and mathematics of the Universe. The more our cells become in-tune with this frequency, the more we will be in pure joy and alignment with the Harmony of Nature and the true essence of who we are. 432Hz transmits beneficial healing energy that helps us release stress, bringing us into a state that truly benefits our wellbeing, and supports our progress in life. 


The musical compositions of this meditation series are also combined with binaural beat and isochronic brainwave entrainment, as well as other sound healing methods tuned to the universal frequency. For the deepest experience of these healing sounds, we encourage you to use stereo headphones. More information on these albums can be found at www.KabbalahChants.com 


The sound healing music and entrainment frequencies are composed and mastered by MUSICAL ALCHEMIST and HEALER, Philipp Schardt. Philipp is a gold & platinum award-winning musician, songwriter, producer, workshop author, initiate and student of Universal Kabbalah. He bridges the Gap between deeply heartfelt music, sound healing and powerful ancient healing Modalities that can completely recalibrate and align your System for higher wisdom, truth and healing. To learn more about Philipp Schardt, please visit his website at www.philippschardt.com and be sure to experience one of his live sound healing events around the world.


About the Divine Names


Overlaid on top of the music are very sacred, kabbalistic names of power that connect us to the highest expressions of each Sephirah on the Tree of Life. These divine names are toned by Dr. Theresa Bullard, Master Kabbalist, International Instructor, and Advanced Initiate of the Modern Mystery School, in the lineage of King Salomon. Theresa is highly trained in the magickal art of toning sacred words of power and has prepared through over 16 years of intensive mystery school training and work with Universal Kabbalah to be able to become a clear conduit for these sacred chants. To learn more about Dr. Theresa Bullard go to www.TheresaBullard.com and www.UniversalKabbalah.com. You might also want to check out the path of initiation and other offerings by the mystery school at www.ModernMysterySchool.com 


As you listen to the divine names that are toned, it can awaken energies and gifts within you that have otherwise been dormant. These sacred words penetrate all the way down to the DNA in every cell of your body, entraining you to a new level of being and expanded states of consciousness. For the greatest benefit and ability to smoothly integrate the energies, you are encouraged to be in sacred space and just listen in meditation to receive these sacred sounds and vibrations into your being, rather than trying to tone along. 


As an added bonus, we have also included in each album a poem written by Dr. Theresa Bullard, to introduce each Sephirah. The text for these poems integrates many symbols, key names and concepts that correspond to that Sephirah. These are included to give you a taste of the meaning of each part of the Tree and what might be experienced on the journey of ascending the Tree of Life through the Universal Kabbalah system of the mystery school.  


To receive the most from these energies, there is a universal principle that we ask you to uphold, which is the balance of energy and equal energy exchange. Through your investment in these albums, which honors and flows energy to the artists for their efforts in creating these tools, you then open up the flow for spiritual abundance to come to you. We thank you for honoring this exchange. 


Universal Kabbalah is the Study of Life and how to live our full potential in this life. It is also about coming to Know God and the Divine Essence within ourselves through direct experience of that divinity.  The word Kabbalah means “To Receive”, so allow yourself to just receive during these meditations. Quiet your mind, relax your body, close your eyes, and open your ears as you enjoy this experience and are transported to the higher dimensions of the Tree of Life. It is said that the ears are the gateway to the inner world of the soul. As you listen to these sacred tones and healing music, we invite you to allow your soul to soar within the vast realms of your true divine potential. 


Kabbalah Chants awakens you to the sublime energies of the Tree of Life through 

432 Hz healing music, divine chants, poems, and meditations on 11 Albums - All together consisting of over 4.5 hours of content.


MALKUTH - the ´first step´ and physical Kingdom on this journey. 

Benefits: overcoming imbalances of inertia, laziness, greed, recklessness, materialism, and being overly reactive… 


YESOD - your ´Foundation´ on this journey. 

Benefits: overcoming imbalances of idleness, vanity, obsessive sex, impulsiveness, co-dependency… 


HOD represents the rational mind, intellect, reason, logical thinking. Benefits: overcoming imbalances of dishonesty, falsehood, mental rigidity, rationalization, deceit, impatience, dogmatism, over-criticalness, separatism… 



NETZACH is mainly the sphere of emotion, feeling, and instinct. Benefits: overcoming imbalances of unchastity, emotionalism, worry, envy, lust, impurity, possessiveness… 


Malkuth - the ´first step´ and physical Kingdom on this journey. 

Benefits: overcoming imbalances of inertia, laziness, greed, recklessness, materialism, and being overly reactive… 


GEBURAH is the spiritual warrior, the hero, the gatekeeper, and the undeviating justice. Benefits: 

overcoming imbalances of cruelty, destruction, anger, fear, self-doubt, manipulation…


CHESED is the highest Sephirah below the Abyss. Because of this, it is the highest realm that the human mind can conceive. Benefits: overcoming imbalances of false pride, hypocrisy, bigotry, tyranny, dogmatism, smugness, self-righteousness…


DAATH is the “Hidden Sephirah” that strides the Abyss. Benefits: overcoming imbalances of dispersion, doubts, fears, fanaticism, apathy and blame…


BINAH is the Supernal Mother and deals with all aspects of the Divine Feminine. Overcoming imbalances of avarice, greed, covetousness, impatience, greed, fear of the future, martyrdom, lack of confidentiality… 


CHOKMAH is the Supernal Father and deals with all aspects of the Divine Masculine. Benefits: overcoming imbalances of inefficiency, procrastination, envy, superstitiousness, fear of the future…


KETHER is the Crown of Creation, the Source of all Light that sits at the top apex of the Tree of Life. Benefits: overcoming imbalances of excessive daydreaming, shame, self-denial, lack of sympathy, poor self-image …

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