• Geburah Poem

  • Geburah Chants Meditation

    • God Name: Elohim Gibor - Mighty God of Battles, God Almighty

    • Archangel Name: Khamael - The Severity of God

    • Angelic Host: Seraphim - The Flaming Ones, Fiery Serpents

    • Archetype: Mars – god of war & masculine energy

  • Description: 

    • Geburah is the spiritual warrior, the hero, the gatekeeper, and the undeviating justice. Geburah teaches us to take responsibility for our lives, our actions, our conditions, our experiences, and our environments. It teaches us to own our reality and to be empowered, rather than being a victim or passive participant in life. Geburah empowers us to take action and to go forth with courage and the conquering strength needed to overcome life's obstacles and challenges. Geburah is also very much about boundaries, discipline, and self-control. These are all a form of restriction or restraint, which is appropriate for Geburah, as it sits on the pillar of severity and form. The warrior who cannot control his/her emotions when faced with a challenge will ultimately loose the battle. The warrior learns to harness the power of the emotions and then channel that energy in a positive and constructive way, while staying calm, centered, and of clear mind.

    • Benefits: overcoming imbalances of cruelty, destruction, anger, fear, self-doubt, manipulation… while gaining strengths of courage, energy, confidence, critical discernment, initiative, activity, dealing with issues



GEBURAH - Severity/Power