Chokmah – Wisdom

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    • God Name: Jah (YH) – The Lord

    • Archangel Name: Ratziel - The Harold of God

    • Angelic Host: Auphanim - The Wheels of Whirling Forces

    • Archetype: Logos – Spirit of the Cosmos/Universe


    • Description: 

    • Chokmah is the Supernal Father and deals with all aspects of the Divine Masculine. He is the life-essence and impetus for creation to be expressed in the Universe. He initiates and infuses purpose into all that is to be. His virtue is Devotion, and He teaches us to take initiative and create the future we hold as our ideal vision. His Wisdom is beyond anything that one might try to gain for personal edificaton, as it is a Wisdom that can only come from true, selfless, eternal Service to the Great Work. He is the ultimate wise sage who has earned his wisdom through many years of service and guidance to all. The vision of Chokmah is one of seeing God face-to-face, or recognizing the God within, one’s own Divinity and eternal being. He will direct you towards the fulfillment of your true purpose for being.

    • Benefits: overcoming imbalances of inefficiency, procrastination, envy, superstitiousness, fear of the future… while gaining strengths of devotion, initiative, idealism, study of the stars, being goal-oriented



CHOKMAH - Wisdom