• Da’ath Poem

  • Da’ath Chants Meditation

    • God Name: YHVH Elohim – The Lord God(s)

    • Chant: Ohm Mani Padme Hum – A Tibetan mantra for purification and bringing light into one’s being

    • Archetype: Sirius – the ‘Sun behind the Sun’, considered by the ancients to be a portal to immortal life.

  • Description: 

    • Daath is the “Hidden Sephirah” that strides the Abyss. It acts as a gate to the Supernal Realm for the initiate worthy of crossing. First one must have Faith - whether it be in God, in the Light, in yourself, and/or in the mystery school tradition of ascending the Tree of Life with a  properly trained and experienced Kabbalah Teacher. The path to accessing Da’ath is hidden and thus unknown to the uninitiated and may only be accessed under proper guidance. Second one must have unyielding focus to follow the path illuminated by the Light. Third, as the initiate approaches the this level, s/he must face and overcome their fears. Thus this level of the Tree, along with Geburah and Chesed supports this. Finally, one must empty themselves of all attachments, ego, and expectations, and have the purity of a child, in heart, mind, soul, and intention to truly connect with the Divine Realm.

    • Benefits: overcoming imbalances of dispersion, doubts, fears, fanaticism, apathy and blame… while gaining strengths of expression, open-mindedness, willingness to face karma, courage to express and overcome fears, and emptying oneself of all attachments and expectations.


DA´ATH - Hidden Knowledge