• Kether Poem

  • Kether Chants Meditation

    • God Name: Eheieh - Existence; I am or I become

    • Archangel Name: Metatron - World Prince

    • Angelic Host: Chaioth Ha Kadosh - Holy Living Creatures

    • Archetype: RA – God Source of Light

    • Musical Note: B

  • Description: 

    • Kether is the Crown of Creation, the Source of all Light that sits at the top apex of the Tree of Life. Kether represent the Oneness or Unity of God, the Divine Spark that kicks off all of creation. It is the “I AM” within us all. Reaching the top of the Tree is one of reaching for your “crown”, where you again reclaim your birthright as a divine being who is here to create a unique purpose in order to help manifest Heaven on Earth. This level of attainment is one of true Sovereignty, Mastery, and the experience of Oneness with All. Connecting to Kether reminds you of your True, Eternal, Original Self and helps you reclaim your sense of worthiness. This level fills you with pure divine light straight from Source. To feel it, there must be purity, reverence, and holiness within your heart, mind, and soul. 

    • Benefits: overcoming imbalances of excessive daydreaming, shame, self-denial, lack of sympathy, poor self-image … while gaining strengths of unity, completion of the Great Work, creative imagination, sense of wonder, embracing change, order



KETHER - Crown