• Binah Poem

  • Binah Chants Meditation

    • God Name: Elohim – Creator Gods (Eloh + Eloha = God + Goddess), God the Mother

    • Archangel Name: Tzaphkiel - God’s Beholder

    • Angelic Host: Aralim - The Thrones, The Mighty Ones

    • Archetype: Saturn – god of time, agriculture and the harvest

  • Description: 

    • Binah is the Supernal Mother and deals with all aspects of the Divine Feminine. She holds the space or container/vessel/womb for creation to be birthed within. She gives birth to all and also receives all once more after the transition back into eternal life. Her virtue is Silence, and She teaches us to hold the space of silence and stillness within so that we can connect to that which is eternal. Her Understanding is beyond mere knowledge in that it is gained from much experience, just like the archetypal crone who has earned Her wisdom through many years and life experiences. The feeling of Her embrace is one of absolute love and acceptance. She will teach you patience, faithfulness, and strength of spiritual will. 

    • Benefits: overcoming imbalances of avarice, greed, covetousness, impatience, greed, fear of the future, martyrdom, lack of confidentiality… while gaining strengths of silence, patience, faithfulness, nurturing, discipline, strength of will ​


BINAH - Understanding