Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Chants & Poems

Dr. Theresa Bullard, is a Ph.D. Physicist, Author, Master Kabbalist, International Instructor, and Advanced Initiate of the Modern Mystery School, in the lineage of King Salomon. Throughout her life-long journey, Dr. Theresa Bullard has discovered innovative ways to weave together her formal education as a Ph.D. Physicist, with her deep training in the western mystery school lineage, and a passion for uniting Science and Spirituality in a practical way. Drawing from these diverse fields she teaches others the keys to applying universal principles directly to life for powerful results. 


Since 2001, Dr. Bullard has been helping individuals and groups reach their potential and become more successful in multiple areas of life. She teaches Universal Kabbalah, Spiritual Alchemy, and other self-actualization programs all over the world with groups of many different cultures and backgrounds. She specializes in working with transformational leaders, coaches, innovators, influencers, celebrities, lightworkers, and conscious entrepreneurs who are looking for deeper meaning, fulfillment, self-mastery, and expansion of purpose. The people who are drawn to work with her know there is more to life and are ready to do whatever it takes to become their greatest self. 


Dr. Bullard offers a transformative, time-tested 5-Step process that expands one’s capacity to create their ultimate life, so they can thrive both personally and professionally, while successfully making the impact one desires. Through this process her clients have rapidly overcome the challenges they faced, shedding away years worth of stress, fatigue and doubt. They breakthrough limitations that have previously held them back while increasing their ability to flow more energy and abundance. Her work helps strengthen the core inner self to become more fully aligned with one’s true purpose and potential.

In addition to being an International Instructor for the Modern Mystery School, Dr. Theresa Bullard is the President of the Board of Directors for Mysterium Center in Los Angeles, as well as the Co-founder of the Universal Kabbalah Network and Founder/CEO of Quantra Leadership Academy.  Dr. Bullard is also the author of The Game Changers: Social Alchemists in the 21st Century, as well as a contributing author in several other books and meditation albums. In addition to offering training and workshops, she also works with individuals one on one, using energy healing, activations for empowerment, and customized sessions.


You can learn more about Dr. Bullard and her 5-step process for expanding to your ultimate life at www.TheresaBullard.com

Philipp Schardt

Healing Music & Brainwave Entrainment

Philipp Schardt is a Gold & Platinum Awarded Music Producer, Composer, Musical Alchemist & Multi-Instrumentalist, Workshop Author, Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Healer.


With his transformative Sound Healing Events and empowering Meditations PHILIPP SCHARDT has shared stages with spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra or World Musicians like Jai Uttal. Philipp teaches the Max Meditation System™ all around the globe at Studios, for International Corporations, and big festivals. The Max Meditation System™  is a meditation method that fuses together Indian and Tibetan Yoga, and modern techniques of psychology and NLP to a powerful meditation system. He has also has worked together as a Musician and Music Producer with International Multi-Platinum Artists like James Morrison, Nicole Scherzinger, Take That or and many, many more.


Philipp is further a Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Healer within the Modern Mystery School, an ancient 3000 year old Mystery School Lineage and Tradition that holds the keys to awaken the highest potential within anybody who seeks deeper knowledge and applicable, empowering tools for every day to live and embody the highest Potential possible in this Life.“ 


Philipp transmutes in his music and intuitively guided live performances deeply heartfelt music, sound healing and powerful ancient healing Modalities that can completely recalibrate and align your System for higher wisdom, truth, and inner harmony. In his music, Philipp combines binaural and isochronic sound healing techniques tuned to the frequency of the universe 432hz and 444hz with instruments like Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer or Flute to dive deeply into the vast consciousness of the now-moment.

This opens doors and gates for healing, growth and higher wisdom.


To accelerate your progression, Philipp is also certified in Life Activation - a powerful and unparalleled ancient healing modality that enables you to access and activate the 22 key aspects relating to the Tree of Life in your physical and your spiritual DNA (your original Divine Blueprint). This Activation turns on and allows more of your innate potential in life to come ´on-line´ so that gifts start to awaken, it also brings you more clarity, more intuition and more awareness of alignment with your life's purpose.


You can learn more about Philipp Schardt at www.philippschardt.com