Chesed – Mercy/Love

  • Chesed Poem

  • Chesed Chants Meditation

    • God Name: El - God, The Mighty One

    • Archangel Name: Tzadkiel - Righteousness of God, God’s Justice

    • Angelic Host: Chashmalim - Brilliant Ones, Shining Ones

    • Archetype: Jove – king of the gods, god of sky and thunder, associated with planet Jupiter

  • Description: 

    • Chesed is the highest Sephirah below the Abyss. Because of this, it is the highest realm that the human mind can conceive. Chesed is also the realm where the Masters of Light reside, thus it is a realm where Service to the Light and the fulfillment of the Great Work is of the utmost importance. Thus, devotion, commitment, and obedience/alignment with the Will of God are the main virtues and strengths achieved here. Chesed is also the realm of overflowing abundance and exhaustless riches. At this level you are the direct recipient of all the infinite energy pouring down from the creational source of the Supernals. But, Chesed, like a benevolent king or queen ruling over their Kingdom, also knows that we must give/serve/flow to others that which we desire to receive from Source. Chesed therefore bestows upon us Compassion, Mercy, Love, Forgiveness, Devotion to Service, and flow of Abundance. 

    • Benefits: overcoming imbalances of false pride, hypocrisy, bigotry, tyranny, dogmatism, smugness, self-righteousness… while gaining strengths of alignment with divine will, idealism, truth, loyalty, patience, devotion, endurance, committedness



CHESED - Mercy/Love