Hod – Splendor/Glory
Hod Poem
Hod Chants Meditation
God Name: Elohim Tzabaoth - The God of Hosts
Archangel Name: Michael - One who is as God; Likeness of God
Angelic Host: Beni Elohim - Children or Sons & Daughters of God
Archetype: Hermes, god of wisdom and the hermetic tradition, messenger of the gods, associated with the planet Mercury
Musical Note: D
Hod represents the rational mind, intellect, reason, logical thinking. It is the pursuit of knowledge and the desire to know truth in the most intellectual sense. Hod is very closely associated with Hermes, alchemy, ritual magick, and the study of hidden wisdom teachings. Hod is where we do most of our practical creative work, for it is here that form is created. In Hod, we design and mold the forms we desire to manifest by formulating images, organizing thoughts, detailing plans, and focusing the will. Hod is the ability to direct the flow of energy through the will by using the conscious mind with clear, focused, thoughts and intention. Hod is also the sphere of communication. For, once knowledge or an insight into truth is obtained the thought/idea must be communicated in some way to ground it into reality. Communication comes in many forms: oral, written, symbolic, musical, etc.
Benefits: overcoming imbalances of dishonesty, falsehood, mental rigidity, rationalization, deceit, impatience, dogmatism, over-criticalness, separatism… while gaining strengths of truthfulness, patience, practicality, knowledge, communication efforts



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