Malkuth – The Kingdom
Malkuth Poem
Malkuth Chants Meditation
God Name: Adonai Ha Aretz – Lord God of Earth
Archangel Name: Sandalphon - Angel of Prayer & Life. The Guide or Intelligence of the Earth as a living entity.
Angelic Host: Ashim - Souls of Fire. Souls of the Perfected.
Archetype: Shekinah –Divine Feminine Presence of God that “dwells within” the world
Malkuth is where we begin the journey of ascending the Tree of Life. It represents the world of action. The realm of physical life, where the majority of our attention is directed on a day-to-day basis. This encompasses the activities, physical experiences, tangible world, and exertion of energy we are used to associating with life. It is in this realm that we experience the physical manifestations of all our thoughts (both conscious and sub-conscious) and creations. It is also in Malkuth that we perceive the physical world with our five external senses, thus these vibrations help us awaken our senses more fully.
Benefits: overcoming imbalances of inertia, laziness, greed, recklessness, materialism, and being overly reactive… while gaining strengths of discrimination, discernment, common sense, prosperity, physical energy, sensory perception, groundedness, and taking action.



- Introduction to Kabbalah Chants

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- Tree of Life Poem
- BONUS: Devotional Prayer of Ascension (by Elias North)



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