Netzach – Victory
Netzach Poem
Netzach Chants Meditation
God Name: YHVH Tzabaoth - The Lord of Hosts
Archangel Name: Haniel - The Grace of God
Angelic Host: Elohim – an order of angles that serve the Elohim Creators. Literally translates as “gods”.
Archetype: Venus – goddess of love, beauty, and femininity
Netzach is mainly the sphere of emotion, feeling, and instinct. This emotion may be used to empower creation constructively or destructively. Thus, Victory refers to having victory over our negative emotions, emotional attachments, and places we resist the expression of our creative light and innate beauty. If the emotion is channeled properly, however, it provides the force needed to give creative energy enough momentum to drive it into manifestation. Netzach can be a source of inspiration; inspiration is the emotion of awe. Thus, Netzach is also the sphere of the inspired artist. The artist attempts to express and channel emotion using color, shape, poetry, symbols, fragrance, movement/dance, sound/music, and other forms of creative and artistic triggers. Nature another source of inspiration to artists is also associated with Netzach, as are all things sensual and beautiful.
Benefits: overcoming imbalances of unchastity, emotionalism, worry, envy, lust, impurity, possessiveness… while gaining strengths of unselfishness, warmth, optimism, time in nature, creative activities, expressiveness



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