Kabbalah Chants


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It includes 432 Hz healing music, divine chants, poems, and meditations for all 11 Spheres.

Kabbalah Chants: Awakening the Tree of Life Within - A Healing Meditation Series – The Complete Set
1 introduction track about this series and how to best use it
1 devotional prayer track
12 tracks with kabbalistic poems & music for the journey of ascending the Tree of Life
11 meditation tracks with binaural brainwave entrainment, divine name chants, and specially tuned music for each sephirah
All together consisting of over 4,5h of content.

Each album in this 11-part series is specially tuned to musical frequencies, sound-scape, and divine names that capture the essence of each Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Each album focuses on a different part of the Tree of Life, starting from Malkuth the physical Kingdom and working up, step-by-step to the highest spiritual realms.

Awaken to the sublime energies of the Tree of Life through 

432 Hz healing music, divine chants, poems, and meditations.