Tiphareth – Beauty/Harmony
Tiphareth Poem
Tiphareth Chants Meditation
God Name: YHVH Eloah Va Da’ath - Lord God of Knowledge
Archangel Name: Raphael - The Healer of God
Angelic Host: Malakhim – The Kings
Archetype: Sol – god/logos of the Sun
Tiphareth is the most complex Sephirah on the Tree of Life. It is the balancing point of the whole creation; Every other Sephirah (except Malkuth) is directly connected to Tiphareth. It is at this multi-way switch that we experience the transition from the Lower Self (personality) to the Higher Self (individuality), and then on up to the God-Self (unity). Thus, Tiphareth is an integrating aspect on the Tree, bringing synthesis, unity and expression of our innate Beauty as divine beings. Tiphareth relates to Healing all that keeps us from being our true self. The first key to opening the heart of Tiphareth is to heal the inner child, focus on self-care, and above all come to greater self-love and acceptance. Another aspect of Tiphareth is sacrfice or willingness to let go of negative ego, the old self, and limiting patterns. We must sacrifice anything that keeps us out of alignment with the Great Work, or the attainment of our highest potential and purpose. Thus Devotion to the Great Work is one of the primary virtues of this sphere.
Benefits: overcoming imbalances of false pride, arrogance, self-doubt, insecurity, irreverence, blaming… while gaining strengths of devotion to the Great Work, reverence, idealism, nurturing, compassion, devotion



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