Yesod – Foundation
Yesod Poem
Yesod Chants Meditation
God Name: Shaddai El Chai - Almighty Living God
Archangel Name: Gabriel - The Strength of God
Angelic Host: Kerubim – The Strong Ones
Archetype: Luna – goddess/logos of the Moon
Yesod is the blueprint of life on the astral level. This Foundation contains everything upon which our reality is built: our perceptions, our sub-conscious mind, our psyche, and the matrix that binds matter into physical objects. It is in Yesod that dreams can be as much of a reality as our waking state. It is also through Yesod that we receive psychic notions and intuitive hits. By knowing how to work with the energies of this realm we become aware that we are in control of our own lives and circumstances. A strong Foundation is one that is self-standing and self-supporting. It is one that maintains balance, integrity, and stability regardless of what is happening external to itself and in the environment around it.
Benefits: overcoming imbalances of idleness, vanity, obsessive sex, impulsiveness, co-dependency… while gaining strengths of independence, spontaneity, dream study, conscious psychic, development, self-awareness



- Introduction to Kabbalah Chants

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- Tree of Life Poem
- BONUS: Devotional Prayer of Ascension (by Elias North)



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